In order to integrate Chippin into your online checkout, we will send your nominated technical resource an email containing all the technical information required for integration. We will setup a Chippin account for your business and integration can begin immediately.

This integration is straightforward for anyone with technical payment and / or ecommerce experience and is similar to that required for integrating other payment applications such as PayPal.

The software is platform agnostic and can therefore be integrated onto most e-commerce sites. There are a number of modules to aid simple integration into some of the larger e-commerce platforms – including Magento, Shopify and Prestashop. On average, integration takes between a half and one day; similar to integrating other payment services.

Chippin will provide you with a 'sandbox' environment for testing purposes. Once Chippin sets the account as live and your Stripe account is connected to Chippin's Stripe account, a simple click of a switch in the admin panel (i.e. a dashboard to view your Chippin data) will activate Chippin in your online checkout. (If you do not currently have a Stripe account, this can be set up and verified easily and quickly (5-10mins). More details are contained in the Chippin technical documentation).

30 days gives a good representative data set to see if Chippin is working well for your business.

Each Chippin account has an admin panel where settings can be managed and reporting on your 'chippins' can be seen. You will be given credentials for the admin when your account is created.

#Chippin Flow

You can experiment with a test Chippin from your merchant dashboard.

Login to your merchant dashboard at https://chippin.co.uk/admin


  1. Make sure your account is connected to Stripe.
  2. Make sure you have defined an example product.
  3. Click example product and fill in the simple form.

As shown below:

You can run an example Chippin using this method as many times as you like. You can also change the product if you wish. The results of each example Chippin will show in the Chippins list of the dashboard in sandbox mode.


Each Chippin account has an admin panel where settings can be managed and reporting on your 'chippins' can be seen. You access the admin at the following URL:


You will have been given credentials for the admin when your account was created.


Your Chippin account has two different types of environment. This allows you to integrate with Chippin, run through test 'chippins' and payments without any money being debited and then, when you are ready, take live payments.

The two environments are:


When you create a 'chippin' in the sandbox environment it will only take payments using test cards. The test cards can be found at Stripe https://stripe.com/docs/testing


When you create a 'chippin' in the live environment, it will take live payments using real credit cards. Money will end up in your Stripe account. You can only create a live 'chippin' once your account has been set live.

The reporting elements of the Chippin admin can be switched tween Sandbox and Live using the toggle switch in the top right of the admin:

Both Sandbox and Live environments can be run at the same time so you can continue to test even when your site is taking live payments and fully integrated.

#Merchant Credentials

Note. Chippin will setup your account for you and provide you with a login to the admin. The credentials you require can be found on the profile screen.

A dummy org has been created called Acme Inc that will allow you to get started without having your own Chippin merchant account. This account can only operate in a Sandbox environment. It has the following important details:

Key Value
Merchant ID 1
Secret 5ba3e1caf655f11b65c2bcef3ec55299a174072a

You will need to replace these with your own Chippin merchant credentials so you should store them in your application in such a way that they can be easily swapped out. The secret is only used for signing and validating HMACs and should not be exposed in the application to the user at any point.