#Chippin for PrestaShop v.1.6


PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce web application. PrestaShop's extensibility revolves around modules, which are small programs that make use of PrestaShop's functionality and changes them or add to them in order to make PrestaShop easier to use or more customized. A payment module is a regular PrestaShop module, except that it extends the PaymentModule class instead of the Module class.

Chippin is a payment gateway to allow friends and family to make group purchases of gifts. This repository is a PrestaShop payment module that allows merchants (store owners) to give their customers the ability to pay for their products/services using Chippin.


To use this integration, a merchant should first;

Then in the admin-panel (back-office);

  • Navigate to Modules and Services -> Payments
  • Select View all available payment solutions
  • Click Install next to the Chippin payment module
  • Provide the merchant's Chippin ID and Secret (which can be found at https://chippin.co.uk/admin)
  • Set the Duration and Grace Period for the merchant's Chippin

In the Chippin administration interface;

  • Provide Chippin with the URLs supplied to you in the PrestaShop back-office (they are under the heading CHIPPIN CALLBACK URLS)

Back in the PrestaShop back-office;

  • Be sure to have Chippin available (selected) in CURRENCY, GROUP and COUNTRY RESRICTIONS at Modules and Services -> Payments to make it an available payment method.

#Payment Statuses

The Prestashop payment statuses specific to Chippin are;

  • Chippin initiated
  • Chippin completed
  • Chippin successfully paid
  • Chippin cancelled
  • Chippin rejected
  • Chippin timed-out

These statuses are based on the callbacks that are fired from Chippin at certain points through a Chippin process. A merchant can view the status of a Chippin payment at any point by going to Orders in the PrestaShop back-office.