#Shopify Integration

The Shopify integration app is not yet listed in the Shopify App Store we are working hard on getting this listed as soon as possible. Until that is the case you can add the application to your store by using the instructions below.

#Install the embedded integration application and payment provider

Enter the name of your Shopify store in the form below before submitting. You can identify your Shopify store name from the URL you use to access the admin interface


Enter your store name in the form below and press "Install".

Follow the steps required to authorize and configure the application:

Once you submit the form above you will be prompted to log into your store admin interface. Then you will begin the process of linking the app to your store.

#2. Install the application

You will then be asked to install the application. The screen shows the permissions and actions you are granting the application can take within your Shopify store. Click "Install app"

#3. Configure the application

Once the application is installed you will need to configure it with the values from your Chippin account. Your Chippin account contact will be able to provide these to you.

#4. Add your Chippin account ID and Secret

#5. Install the required web-hooks

Click "Install webhooks". Once this is complete you will see the hooks listed below:

#6. Install return pages

Click "Install pages". Once this is complete the pages listed below will have been added to your store. You can then customise them as you would any other page.

#7. Add the payment option to your store

The Chippin payment gateway also needs to be installed in your store so that it can be added to the checkout process.

#8. Install the Chippin payment provider

Click "Install payment provider".

#9. Add provider to your store

In the payments section of your store configuration add a provider to accepted credit cards. Click "Add provider".

#10. Select Chippin

From the drop down list of third party credit card providers. Select "Chippin Payments"

#11. Configure the gateway

Add the same configuration values as you provided to the application at step 4.

Congratulations! You are now completely setup and ready to start accepting shared payments through Chippin.